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Exclusively for TennisAlley

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

We've been working with local and national artists on tennis-themed art with a focus on the social side of the game. And let me tell you, they're nailing it.

Here are two custom pewter spoons by Crosby & Taylor of Oregon. Deborah and Jim Chapman have been making heirloom-quality measuring spoons and cups for 35 years, including a delightful fish design that we've had in our kitchen for a couple of decades. So when they decided to add a line of tennis items to their catalogue, we were thrilled! They're even making a few products exclusively for TennisAlley. Introducing the "Feed Your Obsession" salt spoon and the mini racquet scoop, shown here with a small "yellow ball" plate and some colorful trim for our custom aprons.

From textiles to ceramics, clothing to books, we're curating, commissioning, and creating an array of items to "feed your obsession!"

Do you have ideas for hand-crafted tennis-themed items that would be a great fit for TennisAlley? We'd love to hear from you!

Email us at, or call Ann at 970-430-0739.

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