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What's more fun than dogs and tennis balls?! Here are some of our favorites from original paintings by Pat Saunders-White, reproduced on high quality greeting cards. (Pat customized two of her originals—"Claire" and "Green Couch"—by adding tennis balls just for Tennis Alley!)

Your choice: 4.25 each / OR / any 6 for $18 

Go Fetch! greeting cards

  • “My goal is to convey the exuberance, the joy, the loving way people’s pets react to their owners.” Pat is gifted with a strong, innate sense for the use of color. Typically, an animal’s face fills the canvas. Bold contrasting colors, loose, uninhibited brush strokes and repeated layers of colors visually communicate Pat’s artistic passion. Of her relationship with tennis, Pat says, "I have played racquet sports for many years but Pickleball is now filling that need."

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