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Dogs 'n Tennis Balls

MEET THE ARTIST: Pat Saunders-White, Colorful Attitudes, Loveland CO

Welcome back to our Artist Spotlight series, where we feature our contemporary artists making exclusive items for TennisAlley and also share background on the creators of our vintage and modern collectors' items.

Pat Saunders-White, Loveland CO

Pat Saunders-White is a Loveland treasure, renowned for her colorful paintings of pets, usually painted on commission for families.

“My goal is to convey the exuberance, the joy, the loving way people’s pets react to their owners.” Pat is gifted with a strong, innate sense for the use of color. Typically, an animal’s face fills the canvas. Bold contrasting colors, loose, uninhibited brush strokes and repeated layers of colors visually communicate Pat’s artistic passion.

We met with Pat before we opened TennisAlley, noting that many of her images already included the natural interaction of dogs and balls, often times specifically tennis balls. Then she offered something spectacular: "I could add tennis balls to some of your favorite images to create something original for TennisAlley." Yes, please!

Those semi-originals are beautifully framed and on display in our clubhouse. We also have them available on cutting boards (shown here), magnets, greeting cards, and super snazzy metal bag tags with colorful stainless steel cables. We worked with Matt at NoCo Metal Prints in Loveland to have the images sublimated onto the product surfaces—a high-quality process that captures the vivid colors and doesn't fade over time.

Pat's positive energy fills the room much the way her whimsical paintings do. In fact, we think she'd be an amazing doubles partner! "I have played racquet sports for many years," Pat says, adding, "but pickleball is now filling that need."

While we don't have any pickleball items at TennisAlley, our pingpong table is always open!

Come see our collection of tennis-themed work by the fabulous Pat Saunders-White and other professional artists during the 2022 Loveland Art Studio Tour, Oct 8 & 9, 15 & 16, or message us any time to make sure we're around. Email:; call/text: 970.430.0739.

You can follow Pat Saunders-White on social media for her latest show schedule, to register for pet-painting classes she teaches, and to connect for custom work.

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