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Anna's Attic Is All Heart

MEET THE ARTIST: Anna Reuter Locy, Anna's Attic, Centennial CO

Welcome back to our Artist Spotlight Series, where we feature our contemporary makers and also share background on the creators of our vintage and collector's items.

Chuck (CJ) and Anna Locy with Mom at Sylvan Dale

Anna Reuter Locy is a seamstress who is as talented as she is intentional. When she makes something, you can be sure that every stitch is in place—and that her heart and mind were fully engaged from the moment she decided to create. I know this because she's my very thoughtful sister-in-law.

Anna likes to learn and to challenge herself, but she always seems to be at the service of others. She lives near Denver and works with youth at Children's Hospital. In her spare time, she's generally either camping or creating.

Her side gig is called Anna's Attic, where she "creates hand-made memories, one stitch at a time." She reflects back: "As a young person, I didn't realize the potential in learning the dying art of crocheting and sewing. What began as dread in learning new skills, has become an appreciation as I enjoy the creative process with each product I create." Each item she makes is thoughtfully unique and one-of-a-kind!

Tennis tote by Anna's Attic, made with custom fabric

I'm spoiled as her sister-in-law. Gifts from her are often from her kitchen and now also from her sewing room. Last Christmas she presented me with two fabulous totes featuring my favorite colors and themes: purple paisley for one, and the other ... you guessed it: tennis!

By the time Valentine's Day rolled around, she had created a dozen tennis totes in various patterns and sizes. They are exclusively for sale at TennisAlley pro shop & gallery. I like to say that the small totes fit a can of balls, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a CBD stick; medium also fits your water bottle, sandals, and curling iron; and large is for grocery shopping or when it's your turn to bring team snacks. All are lined and machine washable, and each includes at least one handy phone pocket.

A sampling of tennis totes by Anna's Attic

I've admired Anna's signature memory bears for several years now. She makes these out of garments of recently deceased loved ones, and they serve as a precious and comforting reminder of those we've lost.

Yesterday it was time for her to present me one of my own: a stuffed bear made from well-loved clothing of my dear mom, Anna's mother-in-law. (If you've ever met Marlene, you'll know her wardrobe was largely red, white, and black, so you know how perfect this is). I will cherish this loving reminder of Mom, made with such care. Thank you, Anna.

Friends, you can now find the assortment of tennis totes by Anna on our website at

And if you're interested in learning more about the memory bears, let me know and I'll put you in touch.


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