Tennis is "billiards with balls that won't hold still. It is chess on the run."
—David Foster Wallace, "Derivative Sport in Tornado Alley"
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welcome to our clubhouse


We're finally open! Come see what we've been working on since September of 2020 when the idea of TennisAlley Pro Shop & Gallery was born. Stop by for a cookie and beverage, relax in our big lime green leather chair or out on the patio, maybe have your racquet restrung, check out our unique collection of tennis art and books, and talk tennis with people who obsess about the game as much as you do.


Our hours are flexible. Let us know when you're in the area. Call or text and we'll greet you at the gate:
970-430-0739 (s
ee map below).


shop our gallery online

40-Love Shipping Offer: FREE SHIPPING on orders over $40 through the holidays!

Thank you for supporting our celebration of the art of tennis!

This weather is amazing.

let's go hit!

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 Visit our pro shop & gallery in the alley east of the huge red Lovelock heart at Lake Loveland on US Hwy 34 (across from the tennis courts). Open daily from noon-5pm through Christmas!

 Look for our steel tennis sculpture (by ZinkMetalArt). Ring the bell and
we'll meet you at the gate. 
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